My September Bullet Journal Setup

It seems like the summer went by so fast, and it's September already! For me, this means the beginning of a new school year, and a new month in my bullet journal. For September, the second month in my new journal, I chose a light bulbs/ fairy lights theme. I wanted something that was fairly … Continue reading My September Bullet Journal Setup

My Bullet Journal Key

My favourite thing about the bullet journal is how much it can be customized. This extends to every aspect of it, even the most important part, the bullet points. I found certain parts of the original bullet journal key to be confusing. I couldn't keep the migrated and scheduled symbols straight in my head. I … Continue reading My Bullet Journal Key

2018-2019 Bullet Journal Set Up

It's almost the start of a new school year, which for me means a new bullet journal. I start each new journal before school starts so it lasts the entire school year. I got a new Leuchtturm1917 notebook with dotted paper in the medium size. I had the same notebook for my last journal, in … Continue reading 2018-2019 Bullet Journal Set Up

August Bullet Journal Plan With Me

Summer is here - And so is my new bullet journal. It may seem strange, but I start my bullet journals in August instead of January. This is because August is right before the start of each school year, so I can have an entire year's worth of assignments and tasks in one place. If … Continue reading August Bullet Journal Plan With Me

Intro to the Future Log

The bullet journal is a great place to plan out your, day, but how about your year? With a future log, you can make sure all of your, birthdays, events, and holidays are in one place. What is the future log? The future log is basically a calendar. It's a place where you can see … Continue reading Intro to the Future Log