Finding Inspiration For Art

The only thing worse than writer's block is artist's block. There you are, with your pencil and paper, or maybe your paints and canvas, all ready to go... But with no ideas in mind. The truth is, you can find inspiration almost anywhere, but often not when you need it most. Here are some tips … Continue reading Finding Inspiration For Art

Intro to the Future Log

The bullet journal is a great place to plan out your, day, but how about your year? With a future log, you can make sure all of your, birthdays, events, and holidays are in one place. What is the future log? The future log is basically a calendar. It's a place where you can see … Continue reading Intro to the Future Log

Finding Inspiration For DIY Projects

Doing it yourself is so much fun that its hard to find ideas. Wait, what? hard to find ideas? It seems strange, but inspiration for DIY and art projects can be tricky to find. But here are a few things to think about when you want to make something, but can't decide what to do. What you … Continue reading Finding Inspiration For DIY Projects

Intro to the Habit/ Mood Tracker

Want to create a habit? Break one? Track how you're feeling? Then try a tracker in your bullet journal. Habit Tracker What is the habit tracker? The habit tracker is a chart that helps you to track habits that you want to break (like going to bed too late) or habits you want to create … Continue reading Intro to the Habit/ Mood Tracker

Intro to the Brain Dump

Have you got way too many ideas floating around in your head right now? We've got a solution for that. What is the brain dump? The brain dump is a place to dump what's in your brain. Pretty self-explanatory, right? You can put anything you need in there, such as shopping lists, brainstorms for projects, … Continue reading Intro to the Brain Dump

Intro to the Gratitude Log

We're all grateful for something, even if we don't realize it. And if we don't realize it, there's always the gratitude log to help us out. What is the gratitude log? The gratitude log is a daily list of things you're thankful for. You can write one thing a day, or you can write multiple … Continue reading Intro to the Gratitude Log